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Auto tranny (41te) solenoid pack replacement instructions

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:04 pm    Post subject: Auto tranny (41te) solenoid pack replacement instructions Reply with quote

My car has 35k miles on it, and it has recently started dripping a pink liquid on the floor. It started when the temperatures started going below 45* at night. I found that the entire transmission pan was soaked with trans. fluid, and the entire bottom of the engine/trans was a mess. I did some quick searches on ptcrew.com and google and found that the transmission solenoid packs tend to start leaking on many Chrysler vehicles when winter comes around. The dealers want $205 for an official Chrysler part plus labor which is around 2-3 hrs. x $75/hour.

I decided to save some money, and went onto ebay and typed in "41TE solenoid pack". (41TE is the name of the transmission on the PT)

I bought my transmission solenoid pack on ebay for just under $100. Borg Warner is a huge name in the auto industry, so I trust that it is just as good as the Chrysler product.

Note that it comes with a gasket.

Here are instructions for the install

Begin by driving up on ramps, and spraying down the underside of the engine and transmission with degreaser. It will be a mess under there.

1.) To begin the install, you'll need to remove your airbox.

2.) Remove the battery by removing this bolt down on the right side of the battery.

3.) Once the battery is out of the way, you'll find the battery tray. It is held onto the frame by 4 large bolts. This is where it is nice to air tools. The bolts are a pain to get to and there's not much room to move a ratchet around.

This pictures gives you an idea of where the bolts are located.

4.) If you have a turbo model, then this is where you'll want to remove the intercooler to throttle body pipe (aka UCP).

5.) You'll notice a lot of gunk and oil all in the general area of the solenoid pack. Spray a bunch of degreaser and let it sit for a couple minutes. Rinse it off and continue with the next step.

6.) Remove the clamps that hold the trans fluid lines that attach to the transmission case. I'd recommend pointing them upwards as fluid will want to come out. Don't forget to tape the fittings so that dirt does not get in there.

7.) Remove this bolt so that you can unplug the sensor from the solenoid pack.

The speed sensor will need to removed, followed by the 3 bolts that hold the solenoid pack in place

8.) Use a 1" socket to remove the speed sensor.

9.) Remove the 3 bolts that hold the solenoid pack in place. It should then just lift right out.

Here are some comparison shots of the old versus the new solenoid pack.

10.) Once the solenoid pack is out of the way, you'll way to spray some brake parts cleaner to make sure this area is very clean.

11.) Install the new solenoid pack. Insert the 3 bolts, and re-install each of the sensors back into their original places.

12.) Re-install UCP, battery tray, and battery.

13.) Check transmission fluid level, and add fluid as necessary.

Edit: I've been told that you should perform the autostick tranny learn procedure upon completing this task. This would be the same process as when you install Stage 1. I did not do this and didn't have any problems, but it is recommended for Chrysler.

'05 Dodge SRT-4
11.96 @ 124 | 443/480 whp/tq

'04 Autostick GT 14.52 @ 95 | 214/315 whp/tq (traded in on the above SRT in October '08 )
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