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How to Paint 2001-2003 Plastic Bumpers.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:05 pm    Post subject: How to Paint 2001-2003 Plastic Bumpers. Reply with quote

This thread is a response to the "tape mark syndrome" that plagues many a PT. If you are lazy take it to the dealership, but if you are feeling very DIY then read on as we sand, tape and paint our way to a cool new look for your PT. This entire process takes about five hours, that incledes all the prep and painting.

This is what we are fixing:

Here is what you need:

The paint i am using is Duplicolor Bumper Coating and Duplicolor Adhesion Promotor. They are very easy to use and not that expensive. The Bumper paint comse in black, white, gray and tan so if you want to try something different there are options. We are using Black. www.duplicolor.com I chose not to sand as it is not needed. In some places i had scratches and dents in my bumper. I did sand those down a little. You probably won't need to sand but if you want to go ahead.

If your have a front plate (like me) remove it now. If not, disregard this. Very Happy

Now take your dish soap and wash the bumper. Why dish soap? For the same reason you don't use it on your car, It is very good at stripping waxes and oils. Plastic model builders use it because it is good for cleaning plastic; which is porous. Duplicolor sells prepwhipes but good luck finding them and this actually works better Cool

Now you will need blue painter's tape and newspaper:

This is important if you care about your paint. Work slowly and take your time. You will thank me in the end. Start with just blue tape around the bumpers. Then add The newspaper over the line of tape. It should look like this:

Be sure there is no wind, then begin to spray the primer. Do it in about 2-3 light coats. It is a very fast dryer, so only allow 3 mins between coats. After your last coat apply your first coat of paint within 10 mins. It sounds strange but the adhesion promotor doesn't hold up for a long time. Your first coat should be light. Don't expect it to cover everything. It should look a little like this.

Notice its still wet. Allow it to dry for about 30 mins or more depending on the weather. Go enjoy a beer, or if you don't drink a nice cold coke.

Now come back and give it another light coat, again wait for it to dry,

This should be your last coat. Take your time, and still remember, light dusting. If you missed any spots then go back over it with another coat but four should be the max number of coats your paint. Anymore and you will see runs and cracks.

Now unmask and take a look at your work!!!

Not done yet though! Now onto the back!

First wash it with the dish soap, and take off your plate!!!!!

Now tape off your reverse lights, This is important to do. I just used little strips of painters tape. Again take your time.

Don't forget the light above your liscense plate. Tape it off too Very Happy

Now make the line of tape around the bumper

And add paper

Follow the same painting steps as before, and if done right your will get:

Now your done! Put your plates back on and take it for a spin. I don't recomend washing it for about a week. That way you can let the paint dry to the fullest. Good work!

02 N/A 5-Speed: 16x7 BBS RX, K&N Drop in. Air Box Mod. "PT" Billet Door Lock Pulls. Cow Print Fuzzy Dice. More to come Smile
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