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Welcome to ptcrew.

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ptcrew is a site for owners of Chrysler's PT Cruiser and for people intrested in the PT, too.

What can you find at ptcrew?

In the Forums section, we talk about modding your PT for both performance and aesthetic improvements and a whole host of other stuff including discussions of vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, detailing your car and a bunch of completely off topic stuff. We have a gallery were users can upload pictures of their cars, pictures of various PT Cruiser related events, concept cars, and even themselves. We offer two types of chat: a typed chat and a "voice" chat. And the best part of it all: there are no membership fees and no paid advertising. ptcrew is ran completely by donations of time and money by site members.

If you're new to the Crew, welcome to the PT Cruiser forum your momma warned you about.


Please note: You need to register with a valid email address; the site sends out a confirmation email to the address with which you've registered and unless you activate your account with the link provided in the confirmation email, your membership will not go through. Sometimes AOL or other ISPs send the confirmation emails to your spam folder so please check there before sending complaints about not getting your confirmation email. If your ISP is blocking emails from ptcrew.com, you will not receive your comfirmation email. If this is the case, you will need to email ptcrewadmin AT gmail.com with your username so I can send you a new password which (hopefully) your ISP won't block.If you use a service which requires senders to verify/confirm the legitimacy of emails such as ChoiceMail, Spamrival, or Mailblocks, you will need to permit email from ptcrew.com on your end. I'm sorry but I can no longer take the time to verify new member email accounts by hand.

If you're having problems accessing the site, please email: admin at ptcrew.com and include your username, your operating system and browser, and a description of the problem.